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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 28, 2014 1:00am-1:31am JST

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welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of stories we're following this hour. chinese forces are participating in a giant u.s.-led naval exercise for the first time even as maritime tensions simmer in asia. ukraine's new president has signed a deal that will take the country closer to the european union and may put even more strain on ties with russia. >> north korea's state run media say the country's leader has witnessed the test firing of
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what they call newly developed guided missiles. the world's largest naval drill is under way in hawaii. the u.s.-led rim of the pacific exercise has been held every year since 1971 and for the first time, china is taking part. the country's participation comes at a time of tensions over disputes at sea. nor reko akada is reporting. >> reporter: a group of chinese ships have arrived in pearl harbor. not only flying its own flag but also the colors of the u.s. china has sent four vessels, a missile destroyer, a frigate, a supply ship and a hospital ship. u.s. naval officials greeted their first chinese counterparts during the exercise. china and the other fleet got in
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formation ahead of the drill and conducted fire exercises. the naval drills are to foster cooperation among participants that is critical to maritime security. 22 countries are taking part this year. >> translator: by visiting each other's ships, sailors from different countries can increase their understanding of one another. i think it has laid a solid foundation for the next phase of the exercise. >> reporter: china's participation comes at a time of growing tension over disputed islands in the east and south china sea. in may, a chinese fishing vessel rammed a vietnamese fishing boat in the disputed south china sea. patrol ships of the two sides have repeatedly collided. nations neighboring china are increasingly wary of china, of its building up its military capabilities. a former president of the
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national defense academy says that china's participation in the exercise is only a small step towards easing tensions. >> at least both sides are showing gesture that they are not being hostile to each other, participating in this multi-national exercises. but also both sides, particularly chinese, are trying to see how they can cope with future tensions. it will be more tensions in the future. as i said, the chinese intention is to drive the american presence in the rest of the pacific away from the area. the added motive behind the u.s. invitation of chinese ships is to see what kind of capability chinese ships have. china has its own interest to see how the u.s. naval operations may work.
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how they will operate their ships. what the chinese and u.s. naval ships, they are trying to figure out how they can fight. >> reporter: over the next month, it still remains to be seen what drills china will be invited to and how much cooperation will be achieved. noriko akada, nhk world, tokyo. one japanese cabinet minister is trying to improve cooperation with his counterparts in china. he's in beijing working to thaw strained relations. japan's land minister is a member of junior coalition partner, new komeito. he met with the chinese vice premier. she praised him for playing a positive role in japan/china relations. he is the first japanese cabinet
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minister to hold talks with a chinese premeir in nearly two years. relations soured when japan's government nationalized the seas in 2012. japan controls the islands. china and taiwan claim them. ukrainian president petro poroshenko has signed a landmark agreement with the european union. it allows them to join the blocking. the association agreement grants ukraine greater access to the eu's 28-member nations and its 500 million citizens. >> most important day for my country after the independence day. >> poroshenko made it clear the agreement covers all parts of ukraine, including the crimean peninsula. russia unilaterally annexed the territory in march. the deal drew a warning from russia. a spokesman for president
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vladmir putin said the kremlin will take action if the agreement hurts its market. poroshenko's predecessor refused to sign the treaty under pressure from russia. that sparked street protests which toppled his government. north korean media says leader kim jong-un has attended a test firing of what they call newly developed ultraprecision guided missiles. the korean central news agency says that kim directly ordered the firing on thursday. a spokesperson for south korea's defense ministry said that kim likely attended the launch of three projectiles. he said that military leaders in pyongyang are trying to upgrade a large caliber rockets. >> translator: the north has been firing multirocket launchers and the firing range increases every time. >> in march, a new type of rocket flew about 150 kilometers. the projectiles fired are said
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to have traveled about 40 miles farther. that range is far enough to reach the central parts of south korea. military analysts say it's hard to detect launch preparations of rockets making it difficult to intercept them. they say the artillery could pose a significant threat to the south korean military and to u.s. forces stationed in the country. u.s. president barack obama has taken steps to help stop the violence in syria from spilling over into iraq. he has asked congress to increase support for moderate opposition forces. officials with the obama administration have requested $500 million for equipment, supplies and training. the assistance would be for opposition forces in syria once they have been screened. the u.s. government has been calling for the departure of president bashar al assad. the united states has been engaged in operations to support the opposition forces, but this
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is the first time it has openly said that it plans to train them. the aid would be used to counter the state of iraq and the levant. earlier this month they seized the country's second largest city, mosul. the head of the olympic olympic committee's cooperation says he is very pleased with the initial project for the 2020 games. he visited tokyo to see all planned sites. earlier this month, the tokyo governor decided that the city will review the plan to build new venues because of rising construction costs. he said facility locations will also be re-examined. in an interview, he suggested that tokyo should consult other international sporting bodies to develop a plan. >> the planning and the final determination needs to be done certainly in the next few
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months. we would like to make sure that the experts at the international federation can offer can come here and give you advice for what's a new venues you can do it at the most appropriate cost. >>cote praised the organizing committee during his three-day visit. he said they have laid a strong foundation. he said city officials should uphold their initial vision of keeping the games compact. >> translator: it would be meaningless to build wasteful facilities. we will koum come up with a new general plan and report it to the ioc as soon as possible. >> members of the ioc's coordination committee will return to tokyo for another update next week.
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>> supporters of afghan presidential candidate abdullah abdullah have rallied to protest against election fraud. patchari raksawong is following the story. >> abdullah has been demanding a halt to vote counting. the election was held as an opportunity to achieve afghanistan's first-ever transition of power. but there are concerns the current confusion may cause dangerous ethnic tensions. thousands marked to the presidential palace in kabul on friday. abdullah intended to greet his supporters. many voiced frustrations about the election. >> translator: we've gathered to defend our rights to and condemn the fraudsters. we will defend our rights to the last drop of our blood. >> former foreign minister, abdullah and former finance minister, ashraf ghani, were the two candidates in the runoff election on june 14th. abdullah last week demanded the
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vote count be stopped. he accused the independent election commission of widespread fraud and called on the chief to resign. he resigned on monday. he denied abdullah's allegations and said he was stepping down for the sake of confidence-building. abdullah's support comes mostly from ethnic clerics while ghani is supported by pushtans. taliban militants this week clashed with government forces in the southern province of helmad. leaving more than 100 people dead. most international troops are due to leave afghanistan by the end of this year. the u.s. wants some of its forces to stay behind, but it needs a new afghan president to approve that plan. preliminary election results due on wednesday may be delayed unless the current confusion is resolved. observers say a protracted
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standoff jeopardized washington's long-term security plan for afghanistan. at least 15 people have died in india after an underground gas pipeline exploded on friday. the incident highlights concerns about the safety of india's industrial infrastructure. the blast occurred in the southern state of andre pradesh. it is operated by the state-owned gas authority of india. houses were damaged forcing residents to evacuate. the operator hasn't yet determined the cause of the explosion. local media says gas leaks from the aging pipeline may be to blame. ap says an explosion and subsequent gas leak at a government-run steel plant two weeks ago killed six people and injured 29. industrial scale commercial piracy is a widespread problem in many asean economies.
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philippine authorities on friday destroyed thousands of counterfeit goods to highlight their crackdown on illegal copying. police in the capital manila steamrolled thousands of counterfeit items including sunglasses, dvds and beauty products. >> we need to educate the public as to the dangers of counterfeit products and pirated items. they have to know and appreciate also the value of intellectual property rights. it's a long-term strategy. the ultimate solution is really to educate the public. >> fake cut-priced merchandise is readily available from street stores and market places in the philippines. anti-piracy authorities say in the first five months of this year they seized pirated goods worth $155 million. and that will wrap up our bulletin.
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i'm patchari raksawong in bangkok. people have gathered in japan's southern islands this week to remember a painful period in the country's history. the battle of okinawa happened 69 years ago at the tail end of world war ii. fighting between u.s. and japanese forces raged for months leaving 200,000 people dead. but many civilians lost their lives the year before the battle began. nearly 2,000 tried to evacuate but drowned after u.s. forces sank their ship. about 1,000 of them were children. the story isn't well-known. but survivors have been trying to change that. nhk world reports.
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>> reporter: the emperor has long wanted to visit the memorial museum on okinawa's main island. he and the empress went there on friday for the first time. they offered prayers for nearly 1,500 people who died when the cargo ship sank 70 years ago. in august 1944 this ship was carrying evacuees from okinawa. they were following a government order to leave the islands before they became a major battleground. but u.s. forces torpedoed the ship. two-thirds of the victims were younger than 15 years old. japanese military commanders banned the news from being made public. many didn't know about the sinking until after the war. masakatsu takara is one of the
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survivors. he gave the emperial couple a tour of the museum. >> translator: i want everyone to know that war is terrible and that even little children suffer. >> reporter: takara was 4 at the time. he was on the ship with his parents and eight siblings. his sister was the only other family member to survive. >> translator: i used to have many siblings, but i cannot remember anything about them. it saddens me. >> reporter: takara says he remembers holding on to something to stay afloat and the sting of the saltwater in his nose and mouth.
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fishermen saved him. he learned later that his father had passed him to them, then drowned. >> translator: i want to cherish and make the most of my life that my father saved. and i want to help others. >> reporter: he has been visiting schools to share his story with children. survivors of the sinking are getting older. he wants to keep their memories alive and warn people about the cost of conflict. >> translator: in war, soldiers fight, but many more children lose their lives. none of you want to die, do you? please build a nation that won't engage in war and that you can be proud of.
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i also want you to bring peace not only to japan but the rest of the world. >> translator: i feel sad to know many people died in the ship that sank. >> translator: i think wars are really horrible. i hope the world will be free of war. >> reporter: 70 years after surviving a tragedy at sea, takara is determined to continue raising awareness for as long as he can. he hopes one day children everywhere will be shielded from the brutality of war. chie yamagishi, nhk world, naha, okinawa.
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unesco recently recognized japan's first state run silk factory as a world heritage site, and people living near the celebrated mill are not only overjoyed at the success, they're also determined to maintain the buildings for future generations. >> adopted. congratulations, japan. >> reporter: unesco named the mill as a new heritage site. people have been excited about the good news. and local children gathered at the site to make the occasion. they promised to look after the mill from now on.
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that despite serious challenges that need to be addressed. there are about 110 buildings in the compound, and the oldest dates back more than 140 years. >> translator: some parts of the compound there are big holes here. it's in pretty bad condition. we have to consider the possibility that even a small earthquake could bring these walls down. >> reporter: because of the risk of earthquake damage, currently people can only look at two of the buildings. fixing the rest is going to take some time and will only come at a cost. experts say restoring cultural heritage is a particularly it difficult process. >> translator: we first must
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make a record of the existing conditions, then we decide what parts should be replaced and find out exactly what problem there's are. restoration efforts then proceed step by step. >> reporter: and many people want to go even further. currently, tourists can see only the silk production process four times a year. that's why city officials want to restore the historic scene and see the entire production process. they hope to see from over 20 years ago and boost tourism to the mill. >> translator: we want people at home and abroad to know what silk is, that it's being produced here in tomioko and
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that we're still making it now. >> reporter: the goal is for the city to start marketing its own brand of silk within two years. the people in tomioka see the recognition by unesco as an exciting new challenge as they try to preserve the silk heritage. nhk world, tomioka. record-breaking rainfall is pouring into parts of japan. jonathan oh is here to 0 tell us more. >> for the past few weeks the rainy season has controlled japan. it set a record on friday and it looks like more rain is expected as a low pressure system continues to swirl right in the western portions of japan. this particular system will slowly move to the north and east so by late saturday into sunday tokyo may be dealing with
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some stormy weather. along with this front, way back into china shanghai may deal with 60 to 80 millimeters of rain each day during the with week so a flooding potential exists. monsoons toward the philippines, because of that already 111 millimeters of rain fell in luzon and it looks like the rain will continue to be spreading down into the islands. so 32 degrees in manila coming up saturday, more rain expected there, taipei will be dealing with rain and also tokyo, highs in the mid-20s on saturday with a good chance for some rain. let's take a look at the americas. we have some scattered showers expected for the deep south because a high pressure system is pushing in the warm moisture. also looki ing out for severe weather from the dakotas to north texas because of the warm air clashing with the cold air wrapping in from the west. so a lot of rain. there's the possibility that wi gusts could be up to 90
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kilometers per hour, wind and hail possibilities exist. high pressure off the coast of california is bringing in windy conditions so because of the low humidity in place, the desert southwest will be dealing with some fire danger. here is a look at the forecast for europe now, and i want to show you some video coming out of the netherlands. a little bit of a different story. you can see here the pleasant weather on thursday where a few hundred children competed in a sand castle building contest, organized by the beach water board. the contest was actually a teachable moment for the children, because there is a flood prone problem in that area because of the low lying area, so they were designing this lesson to teach the importance of flood protection. the water board stated that some people are not taking water safety very seriously. so by giving the children a chance to build sand castles to see how the water continues to move along the coast, it teaches them the importance of trying to preserve the beach.
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now, it is a good thing that they actually did that on thursday because we are going to see water coming in and rain coming in from the west because of a low pressure system in the british isles. the high pressure system giving the netherlands nice weather on thursday has shifted off to the east. the eastern half and balkan and italian peninsula, you should see some pleasant weather coming up for the weekend. here is a look at the forecast. 29 vienna, 25 warsaw. rain is expected for london and paris. noted much cooler temperatures, upper teens to around 20 degrees. let's wrap things up with a look at the forecast for brazil. no games on friday for the world cup. but there are games with a tournament base beginning on saturday. yes, we do have a low that is trying to develop. that may bring extra cloud cover from rio de janeiro, maybe a shower or two. highs will be quite warm, upper 20s to lower 30s as we head into saturday. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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japanese space agency are sharing pictures for the world.
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they've released the first batch of images taken by a satellite they launched last month. the satellite uses a radar system to monitor disaster damage and other geological conditions from an altitude of more than 600 kilometers. the images were shot as part of procedures to check the satellite's performance. this one shows an area from the tip of the eu peninsula west of tokyo to mt. fuji. the radar peered through the clouds to offer details of the topograp topography. it can be viewed by different angles. and you can see the island south of tokyo shown in colors based on satellite data. green indicates vegetation and light purple shows urban areas. scars from last october's massive landslide are also noticeable. 2k50 daiichi ii is expected to give data to the public also.
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and that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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they entertain you on the way. so hop aboard and let's see the sights and style. >> hello. welcome back again to tokyo eye. the show that tells you everything you want to know about tokyo. i'm joined by adam and george. how are you doing? >> pretty good, pretty good. >> tokyo as we all know has one of the best public tranls it systems in the world. very convenient. there are other ways to get around.


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